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Gateway to the Sea of Cortez

Traveling on Highway 5, about 209 km south of the city of Mexicali, the majestic Sea of Cortez blue bursts with their presence in the arid peninsular ranges. Along the way, a warm and gentle swell running wetting the desert cacti, while providing visitors a pleasant haven for relaxation and fun of water activities.

Shrimp Capital

In addition to their natural surroundings and the pleasant climate, San Felipe is famous for its waters stay blue shrimp, arguably the world's richest specimen. Do not leave without trying it on one of the local restaurants.

What to do in San Felipe

For most of the year sport fishing for species such as mountains, trout, bass and croaker is a major recreational options of San Felipe. Whenever kayaking, diving or swimming in crystal clear waters are also great ideas to enjoy this place, still free of major tourist developments. Decorated your landscape with sand dunes and rough terrain, this destination is also known for providing excellent environments for ATV racing, mountaineering and cross country cycling. Ample room for "trailer park", specializing in fishing shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, shops and internet facilities round out the attractions of San Felipe.

In the vicinity of San Felipe are virtually untouched corners ready to relax and enjoy fascinating horizons. From Punta El Machorro in the northern part of the bay to Punta Estrella, in the south, 18 km of golden beaches are laid on the bare feet of the travelers, offering a sea of calm waves, warm, romantic sunsets and wonderful display of marine life. If you continue further south, you can find up to 70 miles of pristine beaches, where some of them camping is allowed. Be sure to visit the town of Puertecitos (55 km south of San Felipe, traveling down the road 5). Here, starry nights, hot springs, beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez, all basic services, and an amazing repertoire of flora and fauna will be your traveling companions.

The benefits of warm dry climate, cooled by the gentle breeze from the sea, have attracted a number of U.S. residents who each year come to these shores to spend the winter season. With the growing interest, more and more housing developments are built around the coastal desert, forming an excellent place to rest as it deserves. Thinking meet newcomers in his love of golf, the professional field Faces of Mexico has everything you could ask for in the golfing infrastructure.


The waters and banks of the unfathomable Sea of Cortez host a large biodiversity of global significance. An example is the Biosphere Reserve Gulf of California and Colorado River Delta, not more than 5 km from San Felipe. With great presence of endemic species, the gila monster lizard, fish croaker and the vaquita are the main exponents of the fauna inhabiting it. Land in, traveling about 15 miles south of San Felipe, on the road to reach Puertecitos a magical place called Valley of the Giants, a place where the largest cactus in the world rise up to 17 meters. To learn more about permits and reservations contact the management of the reserve (01 (653) 3757, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Vaquita Marina

It is the world's smallest cetacean, is endemic to the Upper Gulf of California and is in danger of extinction. Currently there are about 600 copies. To learn more about this animal visit

Unique Experiences in San Felipe

  • "Walking on the Sea" at low tide
  • Visiting the Valley of the Giants and touching cactus over 16 feet high.
  • Try the classic and delicious shrimp San Felipe.
  • OFF ROAD Practicing in the dunes of San Felipe.
  • Go fishing with "Tony Reyes" a living legend of fishing in Baja California